Directed by Gonzalo Cisternas, the video clip for 'Diferente' was shot in April 2017 in the city of Santiago. The shooting session took only one day while post production was done in around three weeks. The music video was launched in June 2017. The idea was to make something simple and entertaining -said front man Sergio Iglesias.



‘Holistic' is the second album from Chilean rockband Kaliper who doesn ́t know about formats. In this new project, the band decided to do what they do best: To write and record songs they like, regardless of the style or the language. ‘Holistic' is a mixture of Grunge, Rock, Rock Pop, Funk and Heavy Metal with six lyrics in English and four in Spanish.

"No predefined formats: Grunge, Rock and Funk with lyrics in Spanish and English. This record has it all. It will take you on a journey!"

-CdBaby, 2017.



Blending elements of a grunge and funk sound, Kaliper, is a chilean alternative rockband founded in 2009. Based out of Santiago, the group started covering bands like Incubus, Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots at intimate gatherings and parties.

With support of a grassroots movement, in 2010 Kaliper (under the name of Kouros at that time), recorded their first record titled ‘When The Time is Right'. After ‘When the Time is Right' was well received in Spain and Chile Kaliper used their new founded popularity and started playing in many clubs around Santiago, Chile.

In 2016, the band recorded their second album called 'Holistic', which was released in January 2017. The bilingual album is comprised of ten tracks, six in English and featuring four in Spanish. Currently, the band is playing in clubs and important venues in Santiago promoting ‘Holistic'.

Kaliper is:

Sergio Iglesias - Vocals
Rodrigo Bruna - Lead guitar
Pablo Holigue - Bass
Lucas de Petris - Drummer